Trackman is amazing but way over priced and the service is less than impressive.  What the CEO over at Trackman needs to understand is that he will be replaced by a competitor if he does not lower his prices or find a way to produce the product for much less which would also allow him to lower his prices.  I have no idea what it costs to produce one trackman device or the software but I cannot imagine it being anywhere near what the item sells for.  My guess is the CEO Klaus Eldrup Jorgensen is simply riding the wave as long as he can since he does not really have much competition at the tour level.

Here is my prediction for the near future.  As Asia becomes the most dominant golfing population over the next several years I predict that Trackman will either be pushed out by a better device that costs less or they will be forced to drop their prices significantly.

Klaus, in my opinion, will most likely lose out to a company that produces a similar product but has a much better sales force and sales channel.  Right now Trackman only sells direct, their prices are high, and their service is not great.  It is a recipe for failure in the long run.

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