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P3ProSwing Golf Simulator/Swing Analyzer on GolfLife Gear

The P3ProSwing combines a golf simulator and a swing analyzer that tells you exactly what your club is doing as you swing through the impact zone. Practice Play and Perform the game of golf with Family, Friends, Club Members or your Pro, during any season, while simultaneously perfecting your swing.

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Where can I get the best deal for a home golf simulator in Thailand?

I need something I can connect to my own computer and a video projector, under $1000(USD) and that let's me hit a moving golf ball, not one connected to a movable arm.

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Is the golf simulator Optishot any good?

My Birthday is coming up soon and as a keen golfer i am planning on getting the optishot (otherwise known as Dancin dogg) golf simulator as it is a hell of a lot cheaper than other golf simulators. And I just want to know the requirements for playing the game (like do i need flourescent […]

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Not Your Old Man’s Golf Simulator

For more information on how golf simulator improvements can help you, visit our website.

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Features to look for while buying a Golf simulator

Golf is one of the most passionately played games in the world for more than 500 years. Considering the time constraints of today's racing life, it becomes cumbersome to reach the golf club and receive a perfect coaching at every step. This is the reason why Golf simulators came into picture and became popular. People […]

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About Golf Simulator

A look at the About Golf Simulator

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Keiser University Golf Students Enjoy Tour Experience at Honda Classic

Keiser University Golf Students Enjoy Tour Experience at Honda Classic Over 50 Keiser University College of Golf students volunteered for the Honda Classic Golf Tournament, at the PGA National Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Read more on PRWeb via Yahoo! News

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High Definition Golf, Indoor Golf Simulator PGA Show 2009

Michigan Live Golf Interviews High Definition Golf, indoor golf simulator at the PGA Show 2009, For more information please visit or contact us at (866)323-0095

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Enhancing Your Booth’s Appeal At Expos With Golf Simulators And Practice Putting Greens

Many of the novelties at a golf expo draw no significant interest or generate no legitimate sales. You may see a wide range of distinct unrelated promotions, for example, a burrito vendor, dentists and a falconer. Although they are pretty neat presentations, they have nothing to do with golf. However, what does attract the most […]

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Is it possible to create y our own golf simulator?

Is it possible to create a golf simulator for under $300? I have like the idea of attaching an infrared sensor to the golf club head and maybe a wii remote can read it?

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Utilizing Your Golf Simulator to Make Revenue

An giant advantage with using a golf simulator in your business is..."the sun never sets on a simulator". Golf courses are always dependent upon the weather to cooperate and the day is done when the sun finally sinks under the horizon. This is not the case on a simulator. Without the dependency on weather or […]

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Does the club selected on a Golf Simulator affect the stats of the shot?

The golf simulator at the Golf Galaxy in Austin always shows a two iron being used and the shots I hit aren't the same shape of length of the normal shots I hit. For instance, I hit an 8 iron +/- 150 and when I do it on there it says my clubhead speed is […]

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Trackman vs Flightscope vs Indoor golf simulator If you are like me and you live in the Northeast or anywhere else that gets cold and nasty during the winter months, then you know what it is like to be without golf for 4-5 months.  Being without golf for that amount of time is torture.  Golf is an addiction for most that […]

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