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Golf Swing Simulator

I have been starting to learn playing golf recently. But my performance was really disappointing and I even began to doubt that I could never be able to play it until days ago a friend of mine recommended me this ebook "The Simple Golf Swing", also called "Golf Swing Guru". It is the best selling […]

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how much is the golf simulator?

full swing golf

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Is “Real World Golf” an accurate golf simulator?

Does it accurately reflect your swing results? Is it a useful swing practice device?

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Does one use the same golf swing all the time except for putting?

I have just started hitting balls at a golf simulator. So far I am just on the driving range and do a full swing. Does the swing change when one plays golf on a real course as one gets nearer the green? What I mean is do you hit it with a less full swing […]

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Can Golf Swing Training Aids Help My Game?

Perhaps, you've just about had it with golf. The game draws you, but you're just really at the boiling point because however hard your try or practice, your game just isn't getting any better. Perhaps, you're a good player, but you just can't get past this plateau. If any of this rings familiar, then read […]

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Once the golf courses are covered with snow will Obama finally make a decision on Afghanistan?

Or is he putting in a video golf simulator?

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Basic Golf Swing Tips for the Beginners

As the golf season is soon to get underway, now is the time to get "golf ready."  It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, it is always a good idea to review and practice the basics of the full golf swing.  If you take just a few minutes each […]

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Why isn’t the projector working on my laptop when I run Optishot Golf Simulator?

The projector, an Epson, works perfectly fine through other programs when I turn my laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad, but once I try to run the Optishot Golf Simulator by Dancin' Dogg there is no feedback from the projector. It just goes blank. The program is running on the computer. I've looked for help from the […]

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Golf Training Aids – Can They Really Improve your Game

Looking to improve or maintain a respectable golf handicap, who isn’t? A low golf handicap is difficult to achieve and especially difficult to keep up if you’re not lucky enough to play on a regular basis. One proven solution is the use of golf training aids. What training aids work best? Each golfer should look […]

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What is a good quality golf simulator that won’t break bank?

I saw the p3proswing that I've been looking at which is probably the highest I would go which is I also saw a good deal in the Dancin Dogg Optishot which is 400 bucks but it's sort of you get what you pay for i think. I also was looking at the golf launchpad […]

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“Golf” Shooting in the 70s, Golf Tips V – The Golf Swing…Discover Your Perfect Golf Swing Now!

Before heading over to the golf driving range it is always best that you warm up. Stretch and get the blood pumping before you start to practice your golf swing. Now that you're warmed up, here are some golf tips that you can implement in your practice time to hit the golf ball longer and […]

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Mini-golf course project

Mini golf, also known as fun golf, also known as the community outside golf, miniature golf, is currently a very popular abroad, recreational sport. Mini Golf is a miniature version of the golf course, it has its own service area, fairways, putting green and other settings. According to the size of site area can be […]

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Practice or Simulate, It’s Your Call

We have compiled instant key golf swing tips to help get you ready for the coming golf season. Practice or simulate these golf swing tips in practice at home or on the range to help accelerate your development. The grip is one of the most overlooked aspects when choosing a driver, but one of the […]

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I need help picking out a golf simulator?

I am moving up north and my golfing season will be greatly decreased. I am going to get a golf simulator and am looking for which one is best at a reasonable price. Right now im looking at the p3proswing which is around 1200 and the optishot which is 400. what are yalls opinions on […]

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How to Keep your Golf Game in Shape in Winter

In winter it can be quite a challenge to keep your golf game ticking over. Many of us just pack the clubs away into the garage and wait until spring to get them out again. Then we are faced with a month or so of very "rusty" golf until we start to click and get […]

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