Features to look for while buying a Golf simulator

Golf is one of the most passionately played games in the world for more than 500 years. Considering the time constraints of today's racing life, it becomes cumbersome to reach the golf club and receive a perfect coaching at every step.

This is the reason why Golf simulators came into picture and became popular. People can now play real time golf using virtual golf simulators and become the master of the game by investing less time and money.  There are many simulators available in the market. But before you rush to buy one, you need to know what all things need to be there in a golf simulator so you get the experience of playing a real golf.

You should always check how many courses are available, If there are 100 courses available with the golf simulator but there are just 2-3 which you want to play or want to practice then there is no use spending that much money, instead look for a simulator which has just 15-20 courses but have at least 5-6 of you favorites one.

Check if these courses are computer based (3D) or picture based (2D). 2D courses are limited as these have only limited pictures, so if you are not a professional golf player, you are about to hit your shots in the rough area many times, which would obviously take you to your previous shot which can be quite frustrating.

There are some great software available in the market which allows you to change the weather, breeze, time of play (morning/afternoon). Beware some old software just moves the ball straight in spite of the slope on the course.  If you are looking for realistic game play in golf simulators, look for the most advanced software where the ball moves according to the slope.

The most important feature to look out while getting the simulator is the maximum number of players allowed to play in a round. There are some which simulators which allow just 4-5 players to play in a round; however it is always best to have up to 8 players play in a round, which would help in case you are looking for a business purpose as it is going to increase your revenue.

People who are using their simulator as a training instrument should always check for the Swing Analyzer Software. A good swing analyzer will help you do club fitting and figure out you problem areas where you can improve. Some Golf simulators have swing analyzer in-built and some provide it as an add-on. The feedback which swing analyzer provides is really helpful in improving the game. Club speed, ball speed, club and ball path and spin, launch angle are some of the features you should look for. Type of Swing analyzer also depends on the simulator's sensor technology. You should always have enough space if you are looking for swing analyzer so that you are free to swing as if it is a real golf course.